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Center for the Economics of Sustainability
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Shade grown coffee farm in Veracruz
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Water service fees can help pay for ecosystem preservation in Mexico

URBANA, Ill – The world’s ecosystems quietly keep human beings alive, and we largely do not notice their impacts until they are gone. Take forests, for example, whose services are valued at $4.7 trillion each year.

Yilan Xu
In Focus
Parental income has long-term consequences for children’s health

URBANA, Ill. – A family’s socioeconomic status affects children’s health long into adulthood. Individuals growing up in low-income families have much higher risk of obesity and obesity-related diseases later in life.

Farm worker
In Focus
Can sustainability standards effectively mitigate food system challenges?

Photo: A farm worker harvests cocoa pods at a cocoa farm in Côte d'Ivoire, by Jorge Sellare.

Power plant USA
In Focus
When pollution moves to you

No one wants to live near a toxic plant. Toxin-releasing facilities such as paper, pulp, and other manufacturing plants negatively affect human health, environmental quality, and property values.

Why it Matters.

The Center for the Economics of Sustainability harnesses economics to promote prosperity and human well-being now and in the future with a balance of reliable food, water and energy systems, environmental quality, and community development. Our research helps inform environmental policy and resource management decisions in Illinois — and around the world.

Research Output

Image by Nicolle Rager Fuller, National Science Foundation.
U of I leads new $15 million institute to understand climate change and disasters
October 18, 2021
10:19 AM

The $15 million Institute for Geospatial Understanding through an Integrative Discovery Environment (I-GUIDE) will receive the funding over five years as part of the National Science Foundation’s Harnessing the Data Revolution, which establishes five institutes across the United States to explore questions at the frontiers

Illinois farmland
#DiverseCornBelt: $10M Grant for Resilient Agriculture
October 14, 2021
10:19 AM

USDA NIFA granted $10 million towards diversifying Midwest farms to support agricultural resilience. CEOS researcher Benjamin Gramig is on the team of researchers led by Purdue University.

USDA Funds ‘Agrivoltaics’ Project Led by UIUC
October 13, 2021
10:19 AM

Urbana, Ill. — The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced funding for a new project led by iSEE Interim Director Madhu Khanna to optimize design for “agrivoltaic” systems — fields with both crops and solar panels — that will maintain crop production, produce renewable energy, and increase farm profitability.

Soybean Innovation Lab award $5 million for Feed the Future
October 4, 2021
10:19 AM


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