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Nutrition & Food Waste with Obesity Prevention

Listen to our most recent podcast with Brenna Ellison* and Melissa Pflugh Prescott** as they discuss highlights from their recently published paper, “Examining Nutri

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In Focus
How Housing Discrimination Affects Environmental Inequality

Economists and urban planners generally agree that local pollution sources disproportionally impact racial minorities in the U.S.

Corn at dusk
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Adapting to Climate Change for Indiana's Agriculture

Indiana ranks in the top ten producers nationally for blueberries, as well as corn, soybeans, peppermint, processing tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, snap beans, and cucumbers.

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Data on Rural Farmers' Extension Learning Improves Technology Adoption

Extension programs are an important component of government agricultural policy and development strategies in nations across the globe.

Why it Matters.

The Center for the Economics of Sustainability harnesses economics to promote prosperity and human well-being now and in the future with a balance of reliable food, water and energy systems, environmental quality, and community development. Our research helps inform environmental policy and resource management decisions in Illinois — and around the world.

Research Output

Chair in the neighborhood
Most recent in "Sustainable Communities"
April 14, 2021
10:19 AM

Find the most recent peer-reviewed published research focused on the economics of sustainable communities:

Southern Illinois flood
What would you do with $2,000?
April 9, 2021
10:19 AM

For three CEOS mini-grant winners, $2,000 is helping them buy data and equipment, conduct surveys, and travel to research sites (once COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed).  

Washington DC neighborhood
What happens when Airbnb comes to the neighborhood?
March 23, 2021
10:19 AM

You've stayed at one and maybe thought about becoming a host, but what happens when Airbnb comes to the neighborhood? See Minhong Xu and Yilan Xu's results here:

"What happens when Airbnb comes to the neighborhood: The impact of home-sharing on neighborhood investment."

birds flying
Heartland Workshop is back!
April 1, 2020
10:19 AM

Save the date: Heartland Environmental and Resource Economics Workshop is back!

We are planning to hold the workshop for the twelfth year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on Saturday, October 23 to Sunday, October 24, 2021 at the I-Hotel at the University of Illinois campus.

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