Consumers Worry About Climate Change's Impacts on Food System

July 21, 2022
10:19 AM
Solo farmhouse in the Western US

Consumers across the United States worry about the effects of climate change on various parts of the food system. Though concern over issues like land availability, food shortages, and food prices is prevalent in every part of the country, the degree of the population's concern depends on where they live. Notably, concern is higher in the West and Northeast, while it is lower in the South and Midwest. 

Maria Kalaitzandonakes, Jonathan Coppess (University of Illinois) and Brenna Ellison (Purdue) review the results of the Gardner Survey on Farmdoc. 


Kalaitzandonakes, M., B. Ellison and J. Coppess. "Climate Change & the Food System: Gardner Survey Results, Part 2." farmdoc daily (12):87, Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, June 10, 2022.Permalink